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Case Studies

Pilot Demonstration of PFASigator™ PFAS Destruction in Groundwater Concentrate

In November 2023, Enspired Solutions conducted a pilot demonstration of our groundbreaking PFAS destruction technology, the PFASigator™. During the successful project, we were able to efficiently destroy PFAS in groundwater concentrate at an industrial site, meet client effluent regulatory limits, and achieve zero off-site PFAS disposal.

Enspired Solutions’ PFAS Reductive Defluorination at Work

In June 2023, we completed a successful field test of PFAS destruction in landfill leachate using our unique photo-activated reductive defluorination (PRD) chemistry at a site in Michigan. In the time-series graph below, you can observe the following outcomes...

PRD Efficacy and Site-specific Cost for PFAS Destruction in Surface Water Concentrate

Study Highlights

  • Destroyed over 99.99% of PFAS in foam fractionate
  • Reduced total PFAS concentration from 4,000,000 to 320 ng/L
  • Estimated site-specific cost for PFAS destruction at $ $3.91/gallon concentrate