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Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering

Congratulations Erika Houtz, David Kempisty, Ph.D., P.E. and Yaal Lester on your recent article in Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering (2024, 44:101022) that describes the status of UV-based advanced reduction processes (ARPs) in the battle to efficiently destroy PFAS at commercial scale. Enspired Solutions has long recognized the advantages of applying ARP to PFAS destruction and is proud to be recognized for taking the steps to develop a commercial ARP application with enhanced efficiency.

Just last month, after years of bench-scale testing and building a commercial-scale reactor, we released a case study of our November 2023 pilot-scale project in which we destroyed PFAS in groundwater at an industrial facility using ARP. During the successful project, Enspired Solutions was able to efficiently destroy PFAS in groundwater concentrate, meet regulatory effluent limits, and achieve zero off-site PFAS disposal. Read more about the project here