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Welcome Autumn Zwiernik

We are pleased to introduce our new Marketing and Operations assistant, Autumn Zwiernik.

Autumn is a University of Michigan alumna who graduated in 2022 with her BS in Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity supplemented by a minor in Oceanography. She has participated in research on a wide range of topics including wildlife toxicology of persistent pollutants, sea turtle ecology, coral disease, and the genetic mechanisms of Monarch butterfly migration. As a natural scientist Autumn is particularly passionate about water. She enjoys putting her science, communication, and process improvement skills to work at Enspired Solutions.

“Enspired Solutions is at the forefront of implementing scientific expertise to create real world solutions. It has been so energizing to bring my natural science skillset to a professional organization that’s addressing the PFAS problem on the ground in real-time.”

Autumn enjoys all sorts of activities that involve interacting with nature, including foraging, free diving, and even surfing. She also enjoys a warm beverage and the company of family and friends.