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Women-Owned PFAS Remediation with Peace of Mind

Denise Kay and Meng Wang are two exemplary women entrepreneurs who have worked together for nearly a decade remediating contaminated environments. Now, they are taking on PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) with their cleantech company Enspired Solutions—and winning!

Denise and Meng’s determination to make a positive environmental impact has led them to where they are today, at the helm of a women-owned and operated company that manufactures the water treatment technology, the PFASigator™. The PFASigator™ uses EPA-award-winning and patented chemistry to destroy PFAS in water. These are toxic, synthetic chemicals, and exposure to specific PFAS is known to cause health issues from kidney disease to cancer. Their PFAS destroying technology is energy efficient, installed on-site and has no toxic byproducts, eliminating the need for off-site waste disposal.

For their innovations, Enspired Solutions has received funding that will enable them to expand their manufacturing capabilites, facilities, and staff to bring more PFAS remediation to the public. This expansion will allow for more research and development and broader opportunities for their cleantech. 

With their sights set on becoming a global supplier of PFAS destruction equipment and technology, they aspire not only to revolutionize PFAS remediation, but they aim to support a diversity of people in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.

For an in-depth look at their strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility check out this MSU Foundation article written by Rich Keener: read more >

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