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Introducing an innovative water treatment that permanently destroys PFAS

Enspired Solutions’ technology uses a patented chemistry that is proven to mineralize PFAS in solution. Photo-activated reductive defluorination (PRD) is a unique chemistry coupled with ultraviolet light that stimulates a reaction to systematically disassemble PFAS molecules to water, fluoride, and simple carbon compounds.



We call our technology the PFASigator™, which includes PRD scalable equipment, reagent subscription and end-user license.

The compact, mobile and versatile PFASigator™ equipment can be used alone or plugged directly into existing water treatment systems to destroy PFAS and mitigate related risks at a cost comparable to existing capture and disposal options.

The PFASigator™ destroys PFAS molecules on site in a wide array of circumstances including pH 3-12 and aerobic or anaerobic conditions. The equipment is modular, fully-automated, and is operated under atmospheric pressure and temperature.

How The PFASigator™ Works

1. PFAS Contaminated Water

PFAS molecules persist in aqueous solutions

2. Liquid Catalysts

Add liquid catalysts

3. Reactive

Reactive cage forms, dramatically increasing energy efficiency

4. Destruction Occurs

UV light exposure to initiate reductive defluorination reaction

5. Non-Toxic
End Products

Final byproducts include fluoride, water, and simple carbon compounds