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Finding Inspiration in Destruction of #PFAS

We are inspired to provide PFAS destruction technology at all sites where it is feasible, efficient, and cost effective. Contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities for your site.

Enspired Solutions offers bench-scale treatability testing to determine site-specific reaction kinetics and the ability to meet your PFAS degradation and destruction needs. PFAS PRD is also ready for field-pilot testing using our PFASigator™.


Our PFAS PRD reaction has demonstrated success with aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) and complex environmental samples in a wide array of conditions including initial PFAS concentrations 0.7 ppb–40 ppm, pH 3-12, aerobic and anaerobic, with final concentrations <4 ppt for individual compounds.

The reaction can be carried out with existing commercial ultra-violet (UV) light equipment with the addition of low-cost reagents, and electrical demand that is relatively low. 

Our ongoing improvements include the following. 


Energy Efficiency Improvement

Ongoing improvement on energy efficiency with implementation in commercially available water treatment equipment. ​


Coupled with Pre-Concentration

This technology is most cost effective on concentrated PFAS waste streams and can also be suitable for water with high flow rates and low PFAS concentration if it is paired with a preconcentration technology.


Field-Pilot Test

The reaction is ready for field-pilot testing.

Let's Work Together


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