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Water/Wastewater Treatment

Enspired Solutions presents a novel technology that destroys PFAS in water on site. We are a women-owned remediation company with a USEPA-award winning, patented technology that we call the PFASigator™. The compact, mobile and versatile PFASigator™ can be used alone or plugged directly into existing water treatment systems to destroy PFAS and mitigate related risks at a cost comparable to existing capture and disposal options.

PFASigator™ uses PFAS reductive defluorination (PRD), a unique chemistry coupled with ultraviolet light to stimulate a reaction that systematically disassembles PFAS molecules to water, fluoride, and simple carbon compounds. By adding liquid catalysts to form a reactive cage, PFASigator™ dramatically increases energy efficiency for destruction of both long- and short-chain PFAS molecules. PRD has low energy use and no toxic byproducts; and does not form PFAS from precursors. 

Table 1 – % PFAS Degradation in Aqueous Matrices
Arrow indicates direction of increasing initial PFAS concentration in samples. (1) PFAS concentrated using foam fractionation prior to destruction. (2) Final concentration less than detection limit. (3) Initial concentration less than detection limit.

PFASigator™ destroys PFAS in myriad conditions including aerobic, anaerobic, and pH 3-12. It is modular, fully-automated, and operates under atmospheric temperature and pressure. The PRD reaction is most cost-effective on waste streams with PFAS concentrations in the high ppb to ppm range and flow rates less than 10 GPM. For waste streams with higher flow rates and lower PFAS concentrations, PFASigator™ can be paired with PFAS concentration technologies like foam fractionation or membrane filtration. 

Forever Chemicals Gone Forever™

Enspired Solutions has used our unique PRD technology to degrade more than 95% of total PFAS and more than 97% of total regulated PFAS in real-world samples of groundwater, landfill leachate and wastewater (Table 1). By tuning our technology for site-specific conditions, we can degrade even higher percentages of PFAS. Ask us about our performance in IDW and AFFF, too. 

Table 2 – Enspired Solutions Offerings

Our technology is the only PFAS destruction solution that offers real-time destruction monitoring. We do this by measuring fluoride ion production as PRD breaks apart PFAS molecules releases fluoride into solution. This feature allows us to stop the reaction when your remediation targets are achieved. 

Ready to Test PFASigator™?

Enspired Solutions offers multiple options for testing our PFASigator™ technology on your PFAS-impacted waters (Table 2). Most of our services can be conducted at your site or in our laboratory.

Contact us for further details and pricing.