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Firetruck & Fire System Cleanout

Enspired Solutions is a women-owned remediation company with a USEPA-award winning technology to destroy toxic PFAS liquids on site. Our commercial-scale equipment, the PFASigator™, is compact, mobile and versatile and can be used alone or plugged directly into existing water treatment systems to destroy PFAS and mitigate related risks.

PFASigator™ uses PFAS reductive defluorination (PRD), a unique chemistry coupled with ultraviolet light to stimulate a reaction that systematically disassembles PFAS molecules to water, fluoride, and simple carbon compounds. By adding liquid catalysts to form a reactive cage, PFASigator™ dramatically increases energy efficiency for destruction of both long- and short-chain PFAS molecules. PRD has low energy use and no toxic byproducts; and does not form PFAS from precursors. 

With a modular design and small footprint, PFASigator™ can be easily mobilized and scaled up for various applications. PFASigator™ is fully automated, operates at atmospheric temperature and pressure, and uses UV technology that has been widely applied in the water industry for decades. These features mean it doesn’t require constant tending, is safe to operate, and has low long-term maintenance costs.

Fire Truck Decontamination and PFAS Destruction

PFASigator™ is currently being tested for use in decontaminating components of a fire truck affected by PFAS-laden AFFF by connecting the truck directly to PFASigator™. Potable water with treatment reagents is recirculated in a loop connecting the two systems. The recirculation facilitates PFAS desorption from truck parts into aqueous solution followed with destruction by PFASigator™. Fluoride ion, a product and indicator of the destruction reaction, is monitored  by PFASigator™ in real-time to determine the extent of PFAS destruction on-demand. This loop system minimizes the volume of water used for flushing and decontaminating the truck, while destructing PFAS on-site to minimize off-site waste disposal. 

Ready to test PFASigator™ on your site sample or do a field-scale pilot? Contact us today!