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Introducing an innovative water treatment that permanently destroys PFAS

Enspired Solutions has developed a proprietary chemistry that is proven to mineralize PFAS in solution. PFAS reductive defluorination (PRD) is a unique chemistry coupled with ultraviolet light to stimulate a reaction which systematically disassembles PFAS molecules to water, fluoride, and simple carbon compounds.

How It Works

PFAS contaminated water


PFAS molecules persist in aqueous solutions.


Destruction Occurs

ReactionDiagram-Step4-no micelle.png

UV light exposure to initiate reductive defluorination reaction


Liquid Catalysts

ReactionDiagram-Step2-No Micelle.png

Add liquid catalysts


Non-toxic end products


Final byproducts include fluoride, water, and simple carbon compounds


Reactive Cage

ReactionDiagram-Step3-no micelle.png

Reactive cage forms, dramatically increasing energy efficiency


We call our technology the PFASigator™, which includes PRD scalable equipment, reagent subscription and end-user license.

The compact, mobile and versatile PFASigator™ equipment can be used alone or plugged directly into existing water treatment systems to destroy PFAS and mitigate related risks at a cost comparable to existing capture and disposal options. 

The PFASigator™ destroys PFAS molecules on site in a wide array of circumstances including pH 3-12 and aerobic or anaerobic conditions. The equipment is modular, fully-automated, and is operated under atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Let's Work Together


T: 517 282 5211


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